Air Canada Training Process

When an applicant for the Air Canada Rouge flight attendant successfully passes the phone interview and the in-person interview, they will be asked to participate and pass the company’s two-part world-class training program. First, they will be invited to join a 6-week comprehensive Safety Training program in Toronto or Montreal. For the next 6 weeks, aspiring cabin crew applicants will undergo rigorous customer service training sessions.

Once the applicant successfully pass the training, the candidates will then be invited for another weeklong training session, which is further complemented by Customer Service Excellence Training in Orlando, Florida.

Air canada will cover the travel and training costs. However, candidates are required to pay $1,750 incidental fees for the Orlando training. This will be reimbursed at a cost of $50/month throughout the first 36 months of employment.

Let’s take a closer look at what kind of training you will get.

 Air Canada Safety Training in Toronto or Montreal

The cabin crew applicants will undergo a world class flight safety and procedures training. This consists of a 4-week technical training and 2-week service training where all in-flight safety information will be covered including pre and post-flight boarding procedures.

In this program, all aspiring flight attendants will learn the in’s and out’s of airplane safety. They will also learn how to ensure the safest flight possible for the travellers and their fellow crew members.

Customer Service Excellence Training in Orlando, Florida

Once the safety training program is completed, the successful candidate must travel to Orlando, Florida to attend another 1-week training program. This training program is what Air Canada has been known for. On this training, each candidates will have the chance to work as a team. There will be a discussion of the different work scenarios that flight attendants normally experience during their flights. It is on this training that different customer service theories will be  applied to real-world scenarios.

Guaranteed learnings on the training sessions: 

Leadership – The sessions will help you learn what it takes to become a team leader, how to think of good decisions on the spot and how you can inspire fellow crew members and lead by example.

Career success – Customer service excellence will be taught in the sessions, including the safety of your crew and everyone on board and the airline procedures. These will hep you aspire to become a team leader and aim higher as you move your way up the ladder.

Safety procedure training – In this session, you will learn that the safety of your crew members and your passengers will be your topmost priority.

Teamwork – You will learn how to enjoy working as a team and enjoy doing it as you succeed together especially when confined in a tight close space.

Sleep and diet – Part of the training teaches you how to optimize your sleep where experts from NASA facilitates the seminar. A diet and nutrition seminar will be handled by professional dieticians too in order to help you take care of your nutrition. These are essential in dealing with the demands of air travel.

Customer service – The sessions will help you learn how to be proactive and go above and beyond your duty as a flight attendant to make sure customers get that positive flying experience the moment they step inside the aircraft. You will learn how to read a broad base of customers in order to sense their needs. You will learn how to be friendly, helpful and engaging towards others.

Real-world scenarios – The customer service theories you will learn during your training program will be applied to actual situations that may possibly arise when on board the aircraft.

After these two great programs, we’re absolutely certain you’ll leave feeling confident, energized and ready to soar.

Once each candidate passes all the required trainings – the safety and customer service training, you will officially be considered a part of the Air Canada rouge crew and will receive your flight schedule immediately.


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