AlaskaWiFi: Alaska Airlines Inflight WiFi Internet and Entertainment System

AlaskaWiFi is the inflight WiFi system provided by Alaska Airlines that allows passengers to access high-speed internet during their flight. Passengers can use AlaskaWiFi to browse the web, send emails, and even stream movies or TV shows while flying. AlaskaWiFi is available on most Alaska Airlines flights, and passengers can purchase different WiFi plans based on their needs, including the WiFi Day Pass and monthly and annual subscriptions. AlaskaWiFi is a great way for passengers to stay productive or entertained while traveling with Alaska Airlines.

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A long hour of flight travel is quite boring without having any entertainment or something to work for to cut the boredom that consumes the hour system while traveling or on board that is why Alaska Airlines initiate to expand their passengers’ traveling experiences and offering inflight internet connectivity to their passengers on board wherein, they can search or browse into their social media accounts or even if watch their favorite movie online for only $8.

Most aircraft units of the said airline company have an inflight internet connection available but the aircraft 737-9 MAX unit is not included in the number of aircraft units that have an inflight internet system. There are some internet services that passengers enjoy provided that passengers need to connect to the onboard WiFi network and browse to enjoy the different internet service options.

man using internet inside alaska airlines wifi
connecting to internet in Alaska Airlines WiFi

What is is an online portal wherein passengers can browse to stay connected while onboard the Alaska Airlines aircraft.  It provides onboard internet connectivity for passengers during their flights. Passengers can access the web, email, and social media platforms while flying with Alaska Airlines. The inflight WiFi system is available on most flights, and passengers can purchase different WiFi plans based on their needs. With, passengers can stay connected to their work, friends, and family while flying.

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Features & Benefits

Here are the WiFi and internet services that guests and passengers can enjoy.

1. Streaming-Fast Satellite WiFi

Internet connectivity while traveling on air is obstructively unstable and destructing due to the aircraft’s safety, speed, and distance as the plane explores the body of the sky. Fortunately, Alaska Airlines ensured the Streaming-Fast Satellite WiFi for the passengers to be connected online even if they are traveling by air except if they are in Alaska above Arctic Circle.

The said internet services are faster than the Basic WiFi of the said airline company but it doesn’t guarantee an unavoidable internet interruption especially if heavy storms and other natural internet disturbances may usually cause the internet to slow down. Aside from that, here are the aircraft that feature Streaming-Fast Satellite WiFi:

  1. All Boeing 737 MAX*
  2. All Boeing 737-900ERs
  3. Nearly all Boeing 737-900s
  4. Most Boeing 737-800s
  5. All Airbus aircraft

2. Basic WiFi

The said internet services cater to online shopping, social media browsing, and sending e-mails that require a minimum internet speed. It is not probably the same as Streaming-Fast Satellite WiFi which is faster than basic WiFi. This will allow you to browse online but you can’t able to download or send large files and attachments or even if streaming online because of its limited internet connection speed. It is also limited to the aircraft unit like the following;

  • All Embraer E175s
  • All Boeing 737-700s
  • Select Boeing 737-800s and one 737-900 allows passengers of Alaska Airlines to stay connected while traveling by air. On the other hand, here are the benefits that the passengers of Alaska Airlines can acquire if they will tend to utilize the airline’s inflight Wi-Fi connection, this includes the following;

  1. Internet access a streaming-fast speeds that is 20x faster than the basic inflight internet hence, you can binge-watch any of your favorite series on Netflix or Amazon Prime.
  2. Stay connected with internet services and inflight entertainment that has more coverage than ever (the internet is available everywhere when you fly with Alaska Airlines).
  3. Commendatory streaming, browsing, and gate-to-gate connectivity.
  4. Free texting using the following popular applications like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger where you could be able to fill yourself with text words.
  5. Inflight Entertainments that cover 800+ movies and TV Episodes that will allow you to watch for free just simply connect to the airline WiFi.
alaska airlines plane
Image: Alaska Airlines

How to Connect to Alaska Airlines Inflight WiFi?

The followings are the steps and procedures on how to connect to Alaska Airlines Inflight WiFi.

Step 1: Turn on your mobile phone, tablet, and laptop to Airplane Mode.

Step 2: Go to the Wi-Fi network, “Alaska_WiFi” or “gogoinflight “and connect to it.

Step 3: Browse and search for

Step 4: Click and select your chosen plan and be connected to the Airline Inflight WiFi.

Important Note: Turn your phone into silent or vibrate mode when texting or use headphones when watching movies or listening to music for a better experience to not disturb other passengers.

alaska airlines inflight wifi system
Image: Alaska Airlines

AlaskaWiFi Subscription Plans and Packages

The said airline company offers the following inflight WiFi subscription plans that passengers can enjoy while traveling by air. This includes the following:

The Streaming-Fast Satellite WiFi is available for only $8.00 available to all aircraft mentioned above except above the Arctic Circle while the Basic WiFi amounting to $8.00 to all E175 aircraft and for 737s flights $8.00 to $24.99.

WiFi Day Pass

The WiFi Day Pass from Alaska Airlines is a service that allows passengers to access high-speed internet during their flight. With this pass, passengers can use the inflight WiFi system provided by Alaska Airlines and enjoy unlimited internet access for the specified duration of their package. The WiFi Day Pass is perfect for passengers who have a long flight or those who need to stay connected to their work or personal activities during their travel. The pass can be purchased directly from the Alaska Airlines website or through the airline’s mobile app. With the WiFi Day Pass, passengers can browse the web, send emails, and even stream movies or TV shows.

One-Hour Pass

Passengers who tend to travel through Alaska Airlines using domestic flights in just a few minutes/hours can enjoy a One-hour pass in a WiFi Day Pass for only 7 dollars.

24 Hours Pass

Passengers of the said airlines can also avail of 24 hours pass from a WiFi Day Pass for only $19 on a domestic flight with a 1 year of expiration from the date of purchase. Once you avail of this kind of subscription plan you can have a 24 hours gate to gate connectivity depending upon the WiFi satellite services you choose.

watching movies inside alaska airlines flight wifi
Image: Alaska Airlines


Alaska Airlines also offers monthly and annual subscriptions for its inflight WiFi system through Passengers who usually travel under Alaska Airlines can avail of their monthly and annual Alaska plans. Both monthly and annual subscriptions offer great value for passengers who use the inflight WiFi frequently. With these subscriptions, passengers can stay connected and productive even while traveling.

Monthly Alaska Plan

Passengers who avail of a monthly Alaska plan have one-month internet access to any WiFi flight for only $49.95 with free texting and inflight entertainment.

The monthly subscription provides unlimited access to the inflight WiFi system during any flight in that month. This is a great option for frequent travelers who take multiple flights within a month. The subscription can be purchased directly from the Alaska Airlines website or mobile app.

Annual Alaska Plan

The annual subscription, on the other hand, provides 12 months of unlimited inflight WiFi access. It is a good choice for passengers who travel frequently and want to save money on their WiFi expenses. The annual subscription can also be purchased from the Alaska Airlines website.

Passengers who are interested to avail internet access plus free texting and inflight entertainment for one year in any WiFi-equipped aircraft for only $599. However, aircraft that cater shorter flights like the 737-9 MAX and Q400 do not already have an internet system yet.

How to Subscribe to AlaskaWiFi Subscription Plan?

Step 1: Connect to the Wi-fi network and look at or if you are in flight go to

Step 2: Click “buy now” if you would like to avail a WiFi Day Pass internet connectivity access and click Subscribe if you wish to have subscription plans.

Step 3: “Sign Up” by filling up personal information and proceeding to the payment of the subscription plan after.

Step 4: Fill in the necessary information and select the “Buy” button.

Video: Alaska Airlines Inflight Internet

This video will show you how the internet connectivity to the Alaska Airlines aircraft works and how it delivers the signal from the satellite tower to the passengers on board.

Considering that internet access on a plane is unstable due to the instability of the internet and the huge distance between signal towers and satellites along with the natural disturbances that the aircraft deals with in the middle of air traveling, here, Alaska Airlines showcases its inflight internet or Wi-Fi that you may use onboard. This will also present some real-life happenings of the passengers on board sharing their experience with Alaska Airlines’ internet and travel services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which device can I use to browse?

You may connect any of the following devices to Alaska Airline’s Inflight WiFi:

  1. iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: Safari on iOS 11.2.1 and above.
  2. Android phones and tablets (including Kindle Fire): Chrome 77 and above browser on Android 7.1 and above
  3. Mac OS X 10.12 and above Safari and Chrome 68 and above
  4. Windows laptops and tablets: Chrome browser on Windows 8.1 and above
  5. Not supported: 64-bit browsers, *Android version 4.1.2 & 4.2.2, and e-readers (Nook, Kindle).

2. To whom can I reach out if I have problems with my subscription plans?

Alaska Airlines have its customer support services that would greatly help airline customers that need assistance. Just simply visit their contact page at

3. Can I make calls using airline WiFi?

The airlines do not support passengers on board to make calls via video conferencing, online meetings, or even personal calls while traveling on air.

4. Can I send videos while traveling by air using the airline’s WiFi?

Internet connectivity will all depends on the passenger’s subscription internet plan and packages including the Streaming-Fast Satellite WiFi and the Basic WiFi internet services that will allow browsing but it does not guarantee a hundred percent possibility to send videos while on board because of internet connections stability considering the interference that happens in the middle of the air travel.

5. Can I download files using inflight WiFi services?

You can be avail to check your emails and other browsing service but unfortunately, the airlines do not guarantee that the internet connections can be able to download large files using inflight WiFi services because there are large numbers of passengers on board that are also using inflight WiFi internet services.

alaska airlines airplane wifi
Image: Alaska Airlines


Hence, this is a guide on how to utilize the inflight connectivity on board and connect to the inflight WiFi services of Alaska Airlines company which allows its passengers on board to stay connected and have access to the internet, text, and other online entertainment. Although it doesn’t guarantee full-speed internet connectivity as compared to the internet connection on the ground due to many underlying factors that need to consider.

To know more about Alaska Airlines Inflight WiFi Internet and Entertainment System you can visit or you can also contact them using their customer support services at contact or sent them a text message at 82008.