Free Things You can Ask from a Cabin Crew during Your Flight

Have you ever tried to ask for something free from the airlines or the cabin crews? For sure, you probably know a friend or two who asked for a free upgrade during their flight. There are some who were lucky enough to have their requests granted, but there are also a few who needs to accept that no is a no.

However, did you know that aside from the seat upgrade, there are also other things you can get for free just by asking for it? This is not a secret, but most people just don’t know that it’s for free. Not everything is expensive when you’re up in the air, you know?

Be reasonable

Take note that you can’t just ask something to be given to you for free, just like meals for instance. Unless it’s complimentary, you can’t expect the crews to give you high-quality steak just because you asked for it. Sure, they are committed to providing a good customer service – but only if it is reasonable.

Now, here are some of the things you can get for free:

1. Snacks

Say, you forgot to eat breakfast before you leave for the plane, and the meal you just had during the flight isn’t enough to satisfy your grumbling stomach, for the time being, you can ask a cabin crew for leftovers. Don’t worry because it’s not literally what people had left in their plates, leftovers are the stocks that weren’t consumed.

2. Alcohol

When we say alcohol, we are referring to a cup or two, not the whole bottle! A lot of airlines provide free alcoholic beverages on flights, especially if you’re in the first class. Note that not all airlines provide fee alcohol.

3. Sanitizing wipes

If you’re worried about germs on your seat belt or tray table, cabin crews are there to save the day. There are a lot of small packages of wipes on board, all you need to do is to ask and you shall receive!

4. Travel tips

In case you’re wondering where to go since it is your first time to visit a particular country, take note that traveling is one of the cabin crews’ perks and there’s a huge possibility that they have been there dozens of times enough to give you some travel advice!

5. Magazines

A lot of people get bored during flights, which is why passengers mostly ask for something to read like magazines. In case it slipped your mind and suddenly put it in your bag, don’t worry because you won’t be judged the next time you fly with them. It’s totally free!


These are only a few examples of what airlines provide for their passengers’ comfort. It’s actually a proof that aviation companies really put their passengers’ best interest in their list of priorities. What about you? What did the airline give you for free?