PSA Airlines Cabin Crew Requirements

If you want to become a flight steward or flight stewardess for PSA airline company, better check the qualifications needed of the profession below.

PSA Airlines is an airline operating under the brand US Airways Express which is also under the brand of US Airways. Take note that this company is a subsidiary of American Airlines Group.

Flight Attendant Qualifications for PSA Airlines

Here are the requirements of this cabin crew job for this specific airlines. Check them out.

  • 21 Years old
  • Maximum Height of 6.0 ft and minimum height of 5 ft 2 in.
  • High school diploma or equivalent; Some College is preferred
  • 2 Plus Years in a Customer Service Job
  • A Valid Passport is Required
  • Fluency in English; Able to Speak a Second Language is an advantage
  • Effective Written and Verbal Communication Skills
  • Willingness to Relocate
  • Flexible and Adaptable to Change
  • No visible tattoos or body piercings
  • Have a Positive Attitude & a Professional Appearance
  • Able to Lift, Push and/or Pull a Minimum of 40 Lbs. on a Daily Basis
  • Ability to Stand for Extended Periods of Time on a Daily Basis
  • Ability to Report to Work as Scheduled and On Time
  • Have the ability to walk and fit comfortably down the aircraft aisle while facing forward, fit quickly through the over-wing exit, and sit in the Flight Attendant jump-seat without modification or a seat-belt extension.
  • Must obtain a valid passport upon completion of 4 week Training Program

Note: Always remember to check the airline company’s website for more details or changes. We will not be held liable for any changes that may happen when it comes to updates with their recruitment policies. The source is indicated below.


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