How to Apply Air India Express Flight Attendant Hiring

Applying to become an official cabin crew member for Air India Express might pose a challenge for you. But don’t worry, because, in this guide, we’ll detail all the steps you can follow to become a flight attendant. For this guide, we’ll outline all the steps and job details you need to know to become a cabin crew member for Air India Express.

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Air India is the flag bearer of India and is an airline-owned state. Furthermore, Air India also includes its subsidiary airline, the Air India Express division. And if you’re considering applying as a flight attendant for their wholly-managed subsidiary airline, here is a detailed guide that will help you become a flight attendant for Air India Express.

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Image: Air India Express

Overview of the Air India Express Airline

This airline is a subsidiary airline of Air India, India’s official flag bearer. Air India Express was founded in 2004 and officially began its operations in 2005. This airline is situated in Kerala, specifically in Kochi, and hosts other locations in the areas of Kozhikode, Thiruvananthapuram, Kannur, and Mangaluru.

Air India Express has flown over 4.3 million passengers every year and operates a total of 649 flights in a week. Moreover, Air India introduced Air India Express as a low-cost carrier amidst the world’s increasing preference for them. Air India Express’ low-cost carriers provide passengers, especially Indian expatriates, easy access to short-distance flights across various locations in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.


As a premier airline, Air India Express boasts its well-liked Maharajah brand – an Indian filled with graciousness and high-living who can provide everyone they meet with lively warmth and kind-heartedness.

Therefore, you must be a flight attendant who exhibits a dynamic personality and has amiable gestures. So, as an Air India Express Airlines flight attendant, you must adhere to the following responsibilities to live up to Air India Express’ reputed brand:

  • Ensuring all passengers’ enjoyment, safety, and comfort for the duration of the flight
  • Inspecting safety and emergency supplies before flights
  • Demonstrate aircraft emergency procedures and safety measures to all passengers
  • Providing passengers with all their needs, including special needs, throughout the flight
  • Assist passengers with their luggage and belongings and ensure they are appropriately seated for the flight
  • Has the ability to quickly analyze problems and come up with sound decisions with the available information at hand
  • Must be knowledgeable and know how to do first aid in case of emergencies
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Image: Air India Express


Since Air India Express is a subsidiary of Air India, most requirements for their cabin crew hiring will likely remain the same for this airline. Now, to become an Air India Express cabin crew member, you must meet the following requirements below. Here they are:

  • Age: 18 – 22 years old
  • Height: At least 157.5 cm (5’2”) for females and at least 165 (5’5”) cm for males
  • Weight: Body Mass Index (BMI) must be between the following ranges for applicants:
  • 18 – 22 for females
  • 18 – 25 for males
  • Education Level: Must have finished at least 10+2 from a recognized board or university
  • Marital status: Unmarried
  • Must be fluent in both Hindi and English (proficiency in another language is a bonus)
  • Skin must not have visible tattoos and must be free from any blemishes, marks, and scars
  • Teeth must be in good condition
  • Eye vision requirements:
  • Near vision: N/5 in the better eye, N/6 in worst eye
  • Far vision: 6/6 in one eye, 6/9 in the other eye
  • Wearing glasses is not allowed. However, contacts with up to +2D lens are allowed
  • Must have a normal color vision based on the Tokyo Medical College/Ishihara Chart

Moreover, Air India Express provides relaxation for some of their qualifications. Here they are:

  • Relaxation for height: relaxation of 2.5 cm for SC/ST candidates and those from North East and hilly locations
  • Relaxation for age requirements: relaxable for up to five years in case of SC/ST and three years for the OBC categories
air india express cabin crew
Image: Air India Express

Document Requirements to Prepare

Here are the following document requirements you need to prepare for your online application process below. In addition, you may also need to bring the same requirements, including additional ones indicated in this list, during the selection process:

  • A valid email ID
  • Two digital or scanned copies of passport-sized photos
  • Two full-sized images (one front view image and one side view image)
  • A medical certificate from an MBBS doctor containing the following:
  • Your height (in cm)
  • Your weight (in kg)
  • Your BMI
  • Details about your vision and color vision
  • For contact lens wearers: a certificate from an ophthalmologist which includes details about the contact lenses being the same power indicated in the application
  • For those who have undergone Lasik surgery: a certificate/supporting documents regarding the details of your Lasik surgery procedure
  • A printed copy of your online application to bring during the selection process
  • A non-refundable demand draft (if applicable to the application)
  • Documentation for date of birth
  • Educational certificates
  • Domicile evidence if you are claiming relaxation for height requirements

Where to Apply for a Job for Air India Express Online?

Those who want to become cabin crew members for Air India Express can visit the Careers Page of this official airline at

air india express careers page
Screenshot of Air India Express Careers page

From there, you can simply wait for a recruitment notification regarding their cabin crew hiring notices. If there are any flight attendant position openings, they will post a particular statement for it online, including the steps you need to follow to apply for the said vacancy.

Alternatively, the website also allows applicants to simply drop off their CVs on their official website for consideration in their future job openings.

How to Become a Cabin Crew for Air India Express

Here is a helpful step-by-step guide that you can follow to become a cabin crew member for Air India Express.

Step 1: First, visit the airline’s official website. Scroll down until you see the Careers section and click on it.

Step 2: You will now be taken to the Careers Page. From there, scroll down to see if there are any cabin crew recruitment notices. You may also use the website’s search bar to filter the posted messages.

Step 3: Click on the recruitment notice to access the job position’s online application form.

Step 4: Fill out the online application form accordingly and submit it once you’re done. Wait for a response from the Air India Express recruitment team to know if you will be invited for their interview and selection process.

As previously mentioned, you may also simply upload your CV to their website. This is especially helpful if you are keen on working with Air India Express yet do not see any of your desired job openings on their website. Here are the steps you need to follow to do this.

Step 1: Visit Air India Express’ official career page.

Step 2: Next, simply scroll down until you see the tab that states “Drop Your CV Here.”

Step 3: Click on the Drop CV button to submit your application.

Step 4: Fill in the necessary details for the online form and attach your CV.

Step 5: Click on the submit button to turn in your application once you’re done. You can now wait for a response from their recruitment team if you will be considered for their future openings.

Interview and Selection Process

Air India Express also does their correspondence for their candidates online. Therefore, successfully chosen applicants will receive details regarding their interview date online. During the interview process, candidates must bring the required documents listed above in this guide.

Eligible female candidates may wear a saree for their interview. On the other hand, eligible male candidates can wear formal attire. The interview and selection process for Air India Express comprises the following:

  • Group Discussion (GD)
  • Personal Interview (PI)
  • Pre-Employment Medical Examination/Previous Employment References

Air India Express does not have a written exam. Once applicants make it through the following rounds above, they will now undergo the necessary training for months.

Furthermore, applicants who will now undergo training are required to turn in a total security deposit of Rs. 1,05,000. Other than this, applicants must also submit R.s. 15,000 for their uniform and training materials for five years.

Monthly Salary an Air India Express Flight Attendant

Flight attendants working for Air India Express have insights about the monthly salary when someone works in the same airline. In this video by a popular FA blogger in India, there is a portion about Air India Express where it states the airline’s monthly salary. According to the video, Air India Express cabin crew members are expected to receive the following:

  • R.s. 18,400 – Monthly salary and allowances
  • R.s. 21,125 – Flying Allowance for 70 hours* (the exact amount will vary if flying hours differ)
  • $100 – For 30 hours of layover on international flights
  • $140 – For ULR flights
  • R.s. 3000 (approximate amount) – For international QTA
  • R.s. 500 – Domestic stopover
  • R.s. 300 – Standby duty allowances

Again, you can read further details about this salary breakdown in the video above. The details about Air India Express’ salary are indicated around the 9:34 mark.

Video: Guide to Air India Express Application

This video includes all the details you need to know when you decide to apply for India’s various airlines. It also walks viewers through the application process of these mentioned airlines in India.

The vlogger also mentions helpful information in the eighteen-minute video. Some of the crucial tips she said when applying for Air India Express include the following:

1. Applicants who meet the following requirements are given preference by the airline:

  • Those who are diploma holders in Hotel Management and Catering Technology who finished their studies in a government-recognized institute
  • Applicants who have experience in other airlines
  • Applicants who have completed first aid training programs

2. She mentions that although trainee cabin crew members must be unmarried by the time they apply, experienced cabin crew members who are married are welcome to apply in Air India Express.

3. She also mentions that Air India Express does not require its applicants to know how to swim since the airline does not include a swimming test. However, she still highly encourages aspiring flight attendants to learn how to swim for the job, even if Air India Express utilizes life vests during their training lessons held on water.

Disclaimer: This is a video uploaded by a flight attendant vlogger who shared her experience being a cabin crew member. Take note that every crew has a different experience, but this will help give you an idea what to expect when you work for Air India Express.

Photos: Air India Express Cabin Crew in Uniform

Check out these pictures of Air India Express airlines flight attendants in uniform. If you wish to imagine yourself being part of this company, check out these photos to give you an idea about working for this airline:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about the hiring process in Air India Express airways:

1. What is the age requirement for Air India Express cabin crew members?

The age requirement for Air India Express is between 18 to 22 years old.

2. What minimum height requirement is for Air India Express cabin crew members?

The height requirement for males is at least 5’5” or 165 cm. Meanwhile, female applicants must be at least 5’2” or 157.5 cm in height.

3. Does Air India Express accept foreign applicants?

Unfortunately, Air India Express Airlines only hires male and female Indian Nationals.

4. Do I need to have good eyesight to apply for Air India Express?

No, you don’t need to have good eyesight to apply for Air India Express. This is as long as you pass their eye test and requirements in their medical examination. Although you’re not allowed to wear prescription glasses, you can wear contact lenses instead. Furthermore, you must submit the necessary documentation for your contact lenses upon the application process.

5. Does Air India Express allow applicants to have tattoos?

Yes, Air India Express allows applicants to have tattoos. This is as long as they are not visible when wearing the airline’s uniform.

6. Do I need to have job experiences in hospitality or other experiences in similar job fields to apply for this airline?

No, it is not required to have job experiences in hospitality or other similar job fields. However, those who do happen to have those experiences will have a significant edge against other applicants. This is because the airline will give preference to these candidates.

7. Does Air India Express accept married flight attendant applicants?

According to the video above, Air India Express does not accept married flight attendant applicants or those considered trainees. Fortunately, they accept married flight attendant applicants for experienced cabin crew members.

8. I have undergone Lasik surgery to correct my vision. Am I allowed to apply for Air India Express?

Yes, you are allowed to apply as a steward or stewardess for this airline if you’ve undergone Lasik surgery to correct your vision. All you have to do is ensure that you have the necessary documentation regarding your eye correction surgery.

In addition, you must also ensure that your surgery is done six months before the date of the airline’s cabin crew qualifications.

9. Am I allowed to claim relaxation to my height?

Yes, Air India Express does provide relaxation to height requirements. This is as long as you are from a Northeast or hilly state and can provide the necessary domicile proof for relaxation.

10. What can I wear for my interview?

Female applicants can wear a saree during the interview. On the other hand, male applicants can wear formal attire.

11. Does Air India Express have a written test?

No, they do not include a written test in their application process. They only hold a group discussion and a personal interview. In addition, they may also do a pre-employment medical examination and ask for previous employment references.

12. Does Air India Express have a contract?

Yes, Air India Express Airlines has a fixed contractual period for all their flight attendants, which lasts up to five years. This contract can be extended depending on the applicant’s skills and performance.


This concludes our guide on becoming a cabin crew member for Air India Express. If you wish to become a flight attendant for Air India Express, you can simply follow the steps detailed in this guide. You can also wait for recruitment notices posted on Air India Express’ official website regarding their cabin crew vacancies.

We hope that this cabin crew guide has been of great help to you. We wish you all the best in your flight attendant journey. Good luck!

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