Emirates Airlines Stop Hiring Filipino Cabin Crew?

Much has been discussed about Emirates Airlines stop hiring Filipinos cabin crew. According to recent forums, they are not hiring any Philippine resident and this has been proven for over a year already. The last time that they conducted an Open Day in the Philippines was June of 2010. Up to now, there are no news yet if there will be another Open Day for recruitment there.

No Filipino Cabin Crew for Emirates?

Majority of the flight attendant jobs in Emirates Airways are being held by Filipino cabin crews and they have been trying to build a strong team of multinational employees.

This should be good news for Philippine residents because it just goes to show how the people from that country have a higher employment rate compared to other nationalities. The qualities of a flight attendant are mostly shown in this hospitable country.

However, this poses a challenge and problem for Filipino flight deck crew aspirants because of the lack of opportunities nowadays. Especially from somebody who wants to work in the cabin crew airline industry, it is hard nowadays for them to get a job as a flight steward or flight stewardess.

The news has not been confirmed by Emirates and surely they won’t confirm it. They most likely will still accept applications in other countries even if you’re a Filipino but they haven’t conducted any Open Day hiring in the Philippines. Let’s all hope that this is just temporary and Emirates Airlines Stop Hiring Filipino Cabin Crew will be over soon.

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