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Is becoming a flight attendant your lifelong dream job? As a flight attendant, you will become the airlines’ frontliners. Your actions reflect the perceived values of the company you represent. // (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Sometimes this job isn’t just about how much you want it, but if you are suitable for it. There [...]

Here’s an exciting video about Emirates cabin crews and their lives in the skies. This is a great feature of flight attendants explaining their responsibilities of their specific duties. It starts off with three crews (a Purser, a Senior Flight Steward “SFS”, and a Cabin Crew) sharing their insights about their jobs. How they make [...]

As promised in one of earlier posts, I’m going to share a couple of insights on Emirates Airlines vs Qatar Airways as Employers. So which is better? Emirates or Qatar? Much has been discussed in different cabin crew forums about these two airline companies competing with each other when it comes to service as well [...]

Out of the blue, I set up a survey on my sidebar about the best cabin crew employer in a few well-known Airlines in the Middle East and a couple in the rest of Southeast Asia. I didn’t expect that there’s a favorable response from my readers who are also active enough to share their [...]

I came across this video on YouTube about the top 15 Airline Cabin Crew attendants around the globe. This is just a simple compilation of a fan of flight attendants and possibly somebody who just wants to apply as a Cabin Crew member. It’s nice because of how this video was created because it shows [...]

This is part two my open day experience with Qatar Airways last June 11, 2011 in France. There was a recruitment hiring in Paris and I was ecstatic to finally apply as a Cabin Crew for Qatar Airways. You can view the full account of my story as a time line in this blog entry: [...]

After waiting for over a year to apply as a cabin crew in Qatar Airlines, I finally had the opportunity to attend their recruitment event on June 11, 2011 in Paris, France in another region. I had to book ticket flights and file my vacation leaves in advance just for this event. That’s why to [...]

Etihad Airways is one of the airline companies in the Middle East that is also at par with Qatar Airways and Emirates Airlines. However the issue is prevailing as of the moment on if Etihad Airways has no open day or so.There has been much research on the cabin crew position in Etihad Airlines if [...]

Just when I posted about Qatar Airways not hiring any male flight attendant in one of my previous posts (No Male Cabin in Qatar Airways), there has been a posting about how Qatar Airways Hire Male Cabin Crew on an Open Day. In that previous article, I discussed how in some cases, the Qatar Airlines [...]

Much has been discussed about Emirates Airlines stop hiring Filipinos cabin crew. According to recent forums, they are not hiring any Philippine resident and this has been proven for over a year already. The last time that they conducted an Open Day in the Philippines was June of 2010. Up to now, there are no [...]