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Etihad Airways Assessment Day Schedule August 2013

What’s up everyone? The assessment day conducted by Etihad Airways is happening this August 2013. Etihad is the flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates and being a flight attendant of this prestigious airline is going to be an amazing experience. Start your career with Etihad airlines by signing up online and become an employee of this award-winning company. You will not regret it with all the travel benefits that you are going to receive!

Check out the dates of the open assessment day and assessment days of Etihad job hiring below. Please be advised that there are cases wherein you can only apply online and wait for an invitation before you can come to the said recruitment event.

Before submitting your application, you can review how the recruitment day process works when you apply as a flight attendant for this top airline company:

Note: These articles are based on an actual open day to final interview process and are not in stone. The Open Day process might change without the airline’s prior notice.


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2013 Etihad Open Days-Assessment Schedule August 2013

Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Dates: 4 August 2013
5 August 2013
6 August 2013

Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Recruitment Type: OPEN ASSESSMENT *
5 Aug 2013
Time: Registration 0800-0900
Venue: Metropol Palace Hotel, Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 69, Belgrade 11000, Serbia.


Location: Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates
Dates: 14 August 2013
21 August 2013
28 August 2013


Location: Muscat , Oman
Recruitment Type: OPEN ASSESSMENT *
20 Aug 2013
21 Aug 2013
Time: Registration 0800-0900
Venue: Golden Tulip Seeb Hotel, Exhibition Street, Seeb, 111 Muscat.
Note: Cabin Crew Candidates must be Omani Nationals.


Location: Tunisia, Tunis
25 August 2013


Location: Casablanca, Morocco
Dates: 27 Aug 2013
28 Aug 2013


Open Assessment VS Invitation Only Assessment

Take note of the difference between Open Day Assessment and Invitation Only Assessment

*OPEN ASSESSMENTS: This is an open assessment. Candidates who apply online will also be invited.

You must bring a completed Registration Form to the assessment. To find the Registration Form click on the relevant job position above that you are applying for (e.g. Cabin Crew) and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the Registration Form link and print the form. Other documents you are required to bring to your assessment are detailed in section 1.5 of the form.

To apply for this open day flight attending hiring online, click here: Apply Online

**INVITATION ONLY ASSESSMENT: This is an invitation only assessment.

You must apply online to attend this assessment. Successful candidates will be invited to attend and will be sent details of the venue and time.

To apply for this job crew posting online click here: Apply Online

If you do not apply online you will not be able to attend or book space on an “invitation only” assessment.

Job Hiring for Inflight Chef and Food and Beverage Managers

There are also Etihad Job Postings for In-flight Chef positions and Food & Beverage Managers positions which is ideal for people who want to have experience in the F&B industry. To check out other recruitment events for these employment opportunities, you can visit the Etihad webpage here and choose the World Assessment Schedule tab:

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Preference is given to candidates who speak Arabic, Dutch, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Serbian and Vietnamese languages in addition to English.


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