Air Wisconsin Flight Attendant Salary and Benefits

According to Air Wisconsin’s official website, new Flight Attendants can earn a starting per-hour rate of $18.04. If computed into 70 hours estimated flight time, the basic monthly pay will be $1,262.8. There are also plenty of benefits packages for FAs that will definitely become essentials in the long run.

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Air Wisconsin is a regional airline based at Appleton International Airport in Greenville. This airline has been operating as a regional airline in the United States since 1965, and now operates regional planes for United Airlines as United Express throughout the Midwest and East Coast. Air Wisconsin has a plan of converting its fleet with a new partner, American Airlines, beginning in 2023. The airline is happy to join the American team, which will greatly contribute to its unequaled regional network.

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Air Wisconsin Cabin Crew Cash Salary Breakdown

According to their website, the starting pay is $18.04 per block hour, but it will increase to $18.49 after six months. After you’ve gained a whole year of service, you will get another salary increase.

  • Basic Salary – Based on the given per-hour pay of Air Wisconsin, a starting flight attendant can earn an estimated basic salary of $1,262.8 per month. FAs in Air Wisconsin can also earn an extra salary through special flights, bonuses, commissions, profit sharing, stock options, and tips are all possible forms of additional compensation.
  • Flying Pay –  Flight Attendants start at $18.04 per block hour and earn $18.86 after six months. After one year of service, the Flight Attendant’s compensation will increase to $20.54 per block hour. The rate per hour offer is usually discussed during orientation and contract signing.
  • Layover Allowance – A starting Flight Attendant at Air Wisconsin can earn a per diem rate of $1.80 per hour, based on the given information on their career page. The said allowance is intended to cover the expenses of all your meals and some other expenses during the stopover.

You will also have a Duty and Tip Rig – with a monthly duty roster of 70 hours, and 100% cancellation pay. The per diem will be $1.50 for the first 7 months, which will be $1.55 for each trip hour after the 7-month period. As for your days off, you are given 11 days off each month, and up to 30 paid vacation days per year.

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As for the benefits, Air Wisconsin is just as large as the other airlines. Various kinds of insurance for medical, dental, vision, and life will also be granted to you and your eligible family members. To top it off, they also have a long-term disability plan for those who need it.

  • Medical Insurance – After meeting the eligibility requirements, Air Wisconsin employees can enroll in medical, dental, and vision plans provided by the airline. Air Wisconsin insurance policies are competitive in the industry and allow access to a large network of providers. These benefits are not only available to employees but all eligible family members.
  • Health Savings AccountA flight attendant who is enrolled in the health plan has access to a health savings account into which can make contributions along with company-provided contributions. As an employee, you will be given a debit card that can use when visiting a provider’s office or a pharmacy. All contributions, any earnings, and distribution of funds are made on a pre-tax basis.
  • Life InsuranceAir Wisconsin provides company-paid basic life insurance to all benefit-eligible employees. As a flight attendant, you can also participate in voluntary life insurance benefits at group rates for your dependents.
  • Long-Term Disability InsuranceUpon benefit eligibility, Air Wisconsin flight attendants can enroll in long-term disability insurance. This protects your income in the event of a permanent disability.
  • FSA stands for Flexible Spending AccountAt Air Wisconsin, you can choose to have pre-tax dollars deducted from your paychecks and deposited into a flexible spending account. This will help with certain health and dependent care expenses (FSA). For a healthcare FSA, you will be given a debit card for quick point-of-contact purchases of qualified items.
  • Each month, you are guaranteed 11 days off. This is for both Reserve and Line holders.
  • A maximum of 30 paid vacation days per year.
  • Allowances for uniforms and passports after the first year of service.
  • Working on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day will be paid through holiday pay.

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Video: Benefits Of Flight Attendant Job In Air Wisconsin a regional airline in the USA

Flight attendants receive free flights, free hotel stays, and points during layovers, as well as reimbursement for expenses such as food. Additional benefits include a flexible schedule, health insurance, retirement plans, travel opportunities, and quite excellent compensation after a few years of service. This video will give you an idea about the “Benefits” of Flight Attendants at Air Wisconsin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the common questions asked about Air Wisconsin:

1. What is Layover Allowance?

Depending on your flight attendant schedule, you will get rostered for both turnaround and layover flights. Per diem is a Latin term for “by the day,” which refers to daily payments granted to employees to cover expenses incurred while on a trip or stopover. Most of the time, the expenses that are being reimbursed are housing, food, and other incidental expenses such as fees and tips for services. Per diem can also refer to a compensation scheme in which an employee gets paid per day worked rather than getting a bi-monthly paycheck.

2. Am I entitled to Short-term Disability?

The Company will provide Short Term Disability coverage to all employees and eligible flight attendants subject to the restrictions and conditions outlined in the Policies and Procedures Handbook. Short-Term Disability will be a weekly benefit of $200.

3. Will they provide free lodging after the trip?

The Employer and the Union shall designate a comfortable and convenient location where you can stay. Yes, Air Wisconsin flight attendants are covered by the AFA-CWA union. So yes, the airline will provide lodging for you.

4. What if the flight was canceled, will they provide us with a stay?

As a Flight Attendant, you must be supplied with a hotel room in your home city if a scheduled nighttime flight cancels after midnight you have checked in.

5. Can I get higher rates before the 6-month period?

The stated salary above is just an estimated basic pay. So some benefits and bonuses are not yet included. Rates designated after are 6-month period are strictly followed by the airline management. Further career progressions also means salary increase.

6. What is the age limit to join Ai Wisconsin?

Compared to other airlines, Air Wisconsin raises their age limit to 19 years old and above. On the other hand, Air Wisconsin’s requirements such as physical and documentary qualifications are similar to most aviation companies.

Just be sure to double-check their qualifications to have higher chance of getting hired. If there are one or two qualifications that you failed to meet, it might give them the assumption that you didn’t read their job post very well. Now, let’s proceed to the salary and benefits offered by Air Wisconsin to their successful cabin crews.

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Air Wisconsin, a regional airline in the US, was founded in 1965 which only provided services in a few states. In the present day, the airline company was able to grow significantly and can now accompany their passengers to 26 states within the United States.

Safety is the number one priority of Air Wisconsin, not only for their passengers but to their employees as well. Rather than giving more value to income for the short run, the company would prefer to prepare and invest for a more rewarding future by improving their services, aircrafts, and facilities.

As per the official website of Air Wisconsin, new Flight Attendants can earn a starting per-hour rate of $18.04, which can mean basic monthly pay of $1,262.8 if the flight attendant is rostered for the average of 70 hours flying time. Air Wisconsin has been a regional airline in the United States since 1965 and currently operates CRJ-200 regional planes for United Airlines throughout the Midwest and East Coast.

The company continues to grow and expand which indicates more job openings will be available for those interested in building a career in the aviation industry.