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We’re really eager to feature another cabin crew who has a great story share. Meet Catrina, the blogger behind 24hourslayover, who currently works for a leading airline in the Middle East. Catrina has been working as a crew for 3 years now. She shares plenty of honest and practical lessons when working as a cabin crew and [...]

Hi CabinCrewHQ readers! Our next cabin crew feature is Monica Lazar, a former Cabin Crew turned Training and Recruitment Director at, an online platform she co-founded to help aspiring cabin crews reach their aviation goals through video-based online training. We are happy to share Monica’s video interview as she answers some of the most common [...]

cabin crew profiles

It’s time for another interview, this time with a former flight attendant. Meet Anne of Denmark who had worked as a cabin crew for 11 years and has now setup her consultancy company called She left the profession because she felt her body couldn’t keep up with the shift work schedules anymore. Despite leaving [...]


Check out our flight attendant interview with Rachi, a Filipina cabin crew who is based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Would you believe she applied 4 times with other companies but didn’t get accepted? She shares her story about how she became a cabin crew as well as tips about getting the job. She [...]


It’s time for another interview with a flight attendant. This time we’re featuring a Filipina who was raised in the US. Jessy maintains a blog at and has worn many hats before becoming a cabin crew. She’s been a a waitress, a beauty queen, a model, an actress, a receptionist, a high school instructor, [...]


We’re posting our next flight attendant profile and this is with Kara, author of the blog The Flight Attendant Life. Kara has been flying for five years now. One of the things she shares is that she applied to at least a dozen airline companies before landing a job in her current company based in [...]


Hi everyone! Here’s another Cabin Crew Profile you might want to check out. We’ve just interviewed Jet of about life as a flight attendant. Jet has a degree in Digital Animation but realized he wanted to have a different day every work day. He decided to apply as a cabin crew in Canada. From [...]

Our next cabin crew feature is with Kara Grand, author of HOW TO BECOME A FLIGHT ATTENDANT – for Airlines in the Middle East. She used to work as a cabin crew for one of the top airlines in the world. She left the profession as she focused on building a family when her daughter [...]

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It’s been awhile since we last posted a cabin crew interview. Sorry about that folks as we’ve been a bit busy lately. Good news is that it’s back and now we’re posting our interview with a former flight attendant. Introducing Sanne or “Mitzie Mee” in the online world. did part-time work as a cabin crew [...]

Hi everyone! This is already our fourth cabin crew profile feature! Up next we talk to Jessica Wahlberg who shares her experience working in a premier airline in Scandinavia. Based on her responses, it shows that Jessica values a great working relationship with colleagues. She also gives good tips about the cabin crew profession. To [...]

Hi everyone! it’s our third cabin crew feature now! We’re on a roll as we add more people in our Cabin Crew Profiles page. We want to bring these flight attendants as close to you as possible so you can understand that you don’t need to have all that to become a flight steward/stewardess. That [...]


Hi CabinCrewHQ readers! We have another feature added to our Cabin Crew Profiles. Our second interview is with Brian Easely of Straight Guy in the Queer Skies. Would you believe he’s been a flight attendant for over 16 years now?! He shares his lucky story about how he started working for an international American carrier. What [...]