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Red Hat Emirates Flight Stewardess 

I went to the airport to catch a connecting flight and then I suddenly see women in khaki colored suits and realize they are Emirates Airlines cabin crew. These women step into the terminal in groups, they bring forth their trollies and walk in a brisk manner. They pleasantly smile at the people they meet as they go about their routine, flying off to the next international destination they’re bound to go next.

Emirates crew and the Red Hats
Of course, who can ever forget the red hats on their heads? The striking color that attracts so much attention and brings forth the focus on their lovely faces? The red hats that these Emirates flight attendants wear that distinguishes them from the rest of the airlines in the Middle East and all over the world? These Emirates red hat costumes that represent one of the best airline company employer that they are very much proud of?

Definitely when you work as a cabin crew for Emirates Airlines, you see a sense of pride within yourself for belonging to a prestigious air cabin crew industry with great salaries and benefits. Every flight attendant in Emirates is proud to work for a company that also provides more than the basic.

Qatar Airlines vs Emirates Airways as Employers
This has long been the debate and right now Emirates Airways is definitely leading above Qatar Airlines when we talk about who is the better employer. They say in different cabin crew forums that Qatar cabin crew’s standards are getting way stricter and less fulfilling. Some even call working in Qatar Airways as ‘torture’ and that’s why most of the Qatar Cabin Crew are transferring to Emirates Airlines because Emirates provide a better package and are kinder to their employees.

I can’t really tell the difference because I’m still trying to apply as a cabin crew and either of these two airlines in the Middle East, or even Etihad Airways, I would gladly accept the job because applying as a flight steward or flight stewardess is definitely not an easy feat because of the rigorous process in hiring.

Emirates Cabin Crew are Happy People

I know a couple of people who have worked at the Emirates Airlines as cabin crews and they only have good words for this company. That’s why I aim to work for this leading airlines because of how well they treat their employees. Creating a harmonious surrounding and an environment that makes you feel special and proud to be working in such an industry is what every career person wants. We all want to foster  a good atmosphere and I believe working for Emirates will be able to do this for me.

I hope to join the ranks of the people I know so I can travel while getting paid and explore the world while I’m still young. I think I’ll be able to achieve my dreams if I apply as an Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew.