How to Become a Flight Attendant in Germany

How many times have you looked out the window of an airplane and dreamt of being a flight attendant? If you’ve ever been fascinated by this career, or if you’re just looking for a change of pace, learning how to become a flight attendant in Italy may be the perfect opportunity for you.

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Working as a flight attendant in Germany is a truly unique experience. Not only do you get to see some of the most beautiful parts of the country, but you also get to meet people from all over the world. Flight attendants are responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers, and they also provide customer service.

In order to be a successful flight attendant, it is important to be able to speak German and English fluently. There are also many opportunities to advance in your career, and many airlines offer excellent benefits packages. If you are looking for an exciting and challenging job, working as a flight attendant in Germany may be the perfect choice for you!

flight attendant jobs in Germany

List of Airlines in Germany to Work as a Flight Attendant

Are you interested in becoming a flight attendant in Germany? Here is a list of airlines currently operating in the country:

Lufthansa Crew on duty
Image: Lufthansa

What are the Requirements of a Flight Attendant Job in Germany

Becoming a flight attendant in Germany requires meeting certain requirements set by airlines.

  • In Germany, potential flight attendants must have at least a high school degree and fluency in both German and English.
  • They must also know at least one additional language, preferably French or Spanish.
  • Applicants must be over the age of 18 and have a valid passport for international travel. A clean criminal record is also necessary.
  • In terms of physical requirements, one must be between the heights of 158-183 cm (5’2″ – 6′) with weight proportionate to height and not exceeding 99 kg (218 lbs.).
  • Those with visible tattoos are not typically hired. The airline may also require prior customer service experiences, such as working in hospitality or social work.

It is important to note that these requirements may vary slightly depending on the specific airline. As a whole, however, these are the general qualifications needed to become a flight attendant in Germany.

sunexpress male and female cabin crew requirements
Image: SunExpress

Steps to Apply for a Cabin Crew Job in Germany

Becoming a flight attendant in Germany requires taking certain steps to ensure eligibility and success in the application process.  

Check the Airline’s Website

If you’re interested in becoming a flight attendant in Germany, one of the first steps is to check the websites of various airlines for job openings. Many airlines post their available positions online, and some may even allow you to apply directly through their website.

It’s important to check not just the major international carriers, but also smaller regional airlines that may be hiring.

Additionally, checking the airline’s website can give you valuable insight into their company culture and what they’re looking for in a potential candidate. So make sure to check these sites regularly and stay up to date on any potential job opportunities. Good luck with your search!

Prepare your Application

Before you submit your application, it is important to prepare and present yourself as a qualified and professional candidate. Start by studying the job description and required qualifications to ensure that you meet all of the necessary criteria. Update your resume with relevant experience and conduct practice interviews to confidently answer any questions about your background and abilities.

Additionally, research the airlines for whom you are applying, familiarize yourself with their policies, and showcase a commitment to providing excellent customer service. By properly preparing for your flight attendant job in Germany, you will be one step closer to landing your dream position in the sky.

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Eurowings crews happy mask on
Image: Eurowings

Submit your Application

After you have thoroughly prepared your application, it is time to submit it to the airline of your choice. Make sure to include all of the required documents, such as your resume, cover letter, and proof of education and fluency in German and English. If you have any questions about the application process, don’t hesitate to contact the airline directly.

Complete all Required Pre-Employment Training

As a flight attendant in Germany, it is important to complete all required pre-employment training before beginning your job. This includes courses on aircraft safety, emergency procedures, and customer service. It may also include language training and cultural sensitivity training, as international flights are common in the industry.

These courses give flight attendants the skills and knowledge they need to perform their job safely and effectively. Completing these courses before starting the job not only demonstrates a commitment to professionalism but can also make the transition into the job smoother and easier.

So if you are looking to become a flight attendant in Germany, be sure to complete all required pre-employment training before beginning your new role.

Complete Assessments and Interviews

Attendance at a job interview for a flight attendant position in Germany is an important step in the application process. As a potential candidate, it is important to come prepared with knowledge about the airline and the job responsibilities. It is also important to present yourself professionally, with an appropriate outfit and good posture.

During the interview, demonstrate active listening and positive communication skills, showcasing your ability to work well with others. By thoroughly preparing for the interview and presenting yourself confidently, you can increase your chances of success in securing the position. Attendance at this job interview is a crucial step in potentially starting a career as a flight attendant in Germany.

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TUI cabin crew with pilot
Image: TUI

What is the Salary of a Flight Attendant in Germany

The gross salary for flight attendants in Germany averages 53,429 euros per year or 26 euros per hour. In addition, flight attendants can expect to receive a yearly bonus of 1,421 euros on average. It is important to note that this is the gross salary before any taxes or deductions are taken out. The actual take-home pay will likely be lower. 

The job market for flight attendants in Germany is competitive, and salaries may vary depending on the specific airline and level of experience. Additionally, flying routes with longer distances and more luxurious amenities often correlate with higher salaries for flight attendants. 

Overall, the career of a flight attendant in Germany can be financially rewarding, but also demanding in terms of available time and physical effort required on the job. Prospective applicants should carefully weigh these factors before pursuing a career as a flight attendant in Germany.

How to become a cabin crew in Germany


So there you have it – everything you need to know about how to become a flight attendant in Germany! The sky is the limit when it comes to your career prospects, and we hope this guide has helped set you on the right path. If you’re still undecided, why not check out our other articles on becoming a cabin crew member?

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