Tips on How to Ace the Final Interview

The final interview stage is one of the most terrifying and exciting part of an aspiring cabin crew’s application process. If you were able to survive the other stages, it only means one thing: you have a great chance to become a cabin crew!

Image Credit: Austrian Airlines under Wikimedia Creative Commons

Thrilling and frightening
Not all applicants are given the chance to reach the final interview. Therefore, you should congratulate yourself because the recruiter thinks that you are possibly what they are looking for!

Of course, given that it is the last stage of the application process, being frightened and nervous is perfectly normal! When you’ve reach this stage, you will have to face competitors who are as good as you, or even better.

Don’t be discouraged, though! As this post will provide you all the tips you’ll need to ace that interview for you to make your dreams come true!

1. Prepare yourself physically and mentally
Before you proceed to your interview, remember to never skip your meal and get a full night’s sleep the day before to help you brain function better.
In addition, you should also remember not to wear anything flashy and too revealing. Just like any other job interview, your attire should be formal and presentable. Pick an outfit that will make you look smart.

2. Make another run through on the job description
Re-reading the job description will help you sell yourself better to the airline you are applying for. If you align your skills and characteristics to what they need, you’ll be guaranteed to have a good chance of getting hired.

Another plus point is if you can spare some time to read on the airlines’ company background, it will surely help you have an idea about how to incorporate yourself as a professional in the organization.

Image Credit: under Wikimedia Creative Commons

3. Prepare rather than improvise
Make a research on what the hiring manager usually asks the applicant so you’ll have the opportunity to think about your answer thoroughly before your time comes. There are a lot of resources available online, so you will be able to find 3-5 questions that recruiters usually ask.

Sure, improvising an answer for an unexpected question can work sometimes, but you still shouldn’t go to a battle without weapons. Right?

4. Show positive attitude
If this is your first job interview, nervousness can’t be prevented. However, you should put in mind that your dreams are bigger than your fears. Be polite and confident when answering questions, but not to the point where you are being too boastful.

Maintaining an eye contact can also make an implication that you are focused and determined to get the job.

The most important thing that you shouldn’t forget is to express your gratitude. Regardless whether you are hired or not, tell them that you’re thankful that you were able to meet them and for the time they spared as well. You will surely leave a good impression!