How to Apply Air Creebec Flight Attendant Hiring

Air Creebec is a regional airline based in Waskaganish, Quebec, Canada. The airline offers scheduled flights across Canada’s provinces and territories and charter services. As an Air Creebec flight attendant, you will be responsible for providing excellent customer service and safety while on board the aircraft.

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To join the Air Creebec team as a flight attendant, you must be prepared to meet the company’s rigid requirements. Working as a flight attendant for Air Creebec can be a rewarding and exciting career. You will learn about the different aspects of being a flight attendant, such as customer service, safety regulations, and emergency procedures. You will also be expected to follow company policies and procedures and federal and provincial aviation regulations.

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Image: Air Creebec

Overview of Air Creebec

Air Creebec is a regional airline based in Northern Quebec, Canada. Founded in 1978, it is a First Nations airline that provides scheduled and charter flight services to over 50 communities across Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba. The airline operates a fleet of small turbo-prop aircraft, including Dash 8s and Beechcraft 1900s.

The airline company offers various flight services, including scheduled and charter flights. Scheduled flights are offered to over 50 destinations across Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba. Charter flights can be arranged for both private and corporate clients. The airline also offers cargo and special services such as medical evacuation, aerial photography, and aerial survey flights.

Air Creebec is an important part of the Canadian transportation network. The airline has a team of experienced and knowledgeable customer service representatives available to answer any questions or concerns.


Flight attendants at Air Creebec play an essential role in providing passengers with a safe and comfortable experience. As such, many essential responsibilities are associated with the flight attendant’s role.

  • Greets every boarding passenger
  • Responsible for ensuring the safety of all passengers and staff on board each flight
  • Ensure that all safety protocols are followed, such as checking for seatbelts, other safety equipment, and belongings are stored in the overhead cabin
  • Assist passengers with any needs
  • Provide valuable flight information
  • Ensure that passengers are comfortable during their flight
  • Help passengers in the event of an emergency and any medical needs
  • Provide snacks and beverages
  • Ensure that all passengers and their belongings are safely unloaded from the plane
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Image: Air Creebec


As the largest airline in the Cree Nation, Air Creebec is committed to providing excellent customer service, safety, and comfort to its passengers. These are required to ensure that all flight attendant responsibilities are met. Here are specific qualifications before an individual can be a part of the in-flight team of Air Creebec.

Additional Requirements of Being an Air Creebec Flight Attendant:

In addition to the basic requirements, an applicant should meet other qualifications. These requirements will ensure that you can adhere to the responsibilities of an Air Creebec flight attendant.

  • Must be in the good physical condition and able to lift at least 50 pounds
  • Can swim without floatation devices
  • Must be willing to work during unexpected changes in schedule
  • Has a working knowledge of computers and other electronic devices

To succeed in this role, flight attendants must know all safety protocols, provide excellent customer service, and remain calm and collected.

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Image: Air Creebec

Document Requirements to Prepare

Below are the essential requirements needed when applying for a flight attendant role at Air Creebec:

  • Updated Resume
  • Birth certificate
  • High school diploma
  • Updated dental and medical records
  • Valid passport

Where to Apply for a Job at Air Creebec

If you want to apply for a job at Air Creebec, you can visit their Careers Page here:

Air Creebec Careers Page
Air Creebec Careers Page

How to Become a Cabin Crew for Air Creebec

Working as a Flight Attendant at Air Creebec is an excellent opportunity to gain experience in the aviation industry and explore the world. If you are interested in applying for a Flight Attendant position at Air Creebec, follow the steps outlined in this guide. Knowing what to expect ensures that you have the best chance of success.

Step 1: Open the Air Creebec Careers Page

The airline company’s career page displays the available jobs and the recruitment schedule. CLICK HERE to access Air Creebec’s Careers Page.

Scroll down and look for “FLIGHT ATTENDANT / CABIN CREW” among the list of different job opportunities. Click on the button “LEARN MORE” next the job option you wish you apply.

The next page will give information about the company and necessary qualities of a flight attendant Air Creebec is looking for. Should you will to proceed with your application, you may then submit your CV and resume.

Step 2: Complete the application form

The comprehensive application form requires you to provide information about your education, work experience, and relevant certifications. A copy of your dated CV and resume will be required. You will also write a cover letter to discuss all the information relevant to the position and why Air Creebec should include you in their team.

After you have submitted your application, Air Creebec will review it and contact you if they need further information.

Step 3: Participate in a recruitment day

During this day, you will have the opportunity to learn more about Air Creebec. You will also have the chance to participate in an assessment process, enabling Air Creebec to determine if you are the right fit for the job.

Step 4: Attend the training session

Once your assessment and interview is complete and successful, Air Creebec will contact you to let you know if you have been selected for further training. If successful, you will be invited to attend a three-day training session at Air Creebec’s headquarters in Val-d’Or.

You will learn about the company, its policies, and the duties and responsibilities of a Flight Attendant. Air Creebec recruitment team will also give an exam to evaluate your skills, abilities, and what you have learned from the three-day training period.

If you pass the exam, you will be offered a position as a Flight Attendant at Air Creebec. You will then be given a contract to sign and a start date.

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Image: Air Creebec

Salary and Benefits of an Air Creebec Flight Attendant

In exchange for your hard work, you’ll be rewarded with a competitive salary and a range of benefits. The salary of a flight attendant at Air Creebec depends on experience and qualifications. The starting pay is $15 CAD per hour. Experienced flight attendants receive a higher salary. There is also a great bonus system, which includes performance bonuses, as well as bonuses for working overtime.

In addition to a competitive salary, Air Creebec flight attendants also receive various benefits. These include free travel, meals, and accommodation on duty. A health and dental plan is also provided to ensure that all employees are physically fit. Flight attendants also receive a retirement plan and other perks, such as discounts on travel and merchandise.

Video: Trip Report | Air Creebec Dash8 Q-100 | Chibougamau (YMT) to Montreal (YUL) | Economy

As a requirement, flight attendant applicants of Air Creebec should be fluent in French and English. The flight announcement was first delivered in French and later in English in this video. In-flight snacks and beverages are also served to the passengers. Guests are also greeted as they exit the aircraft at their destination.

Though the aircraft was small and quite old, it introduced the Cree culture to all the passengers. A local magazine is provided as entertainment material. An airline magazine is provided as well. It shares information about the airline, including flight schedules and routes.

Photos: Air Creebec Flight Attendant Photos

Check out these photos of Air Creebec Flight Attendants in uniform:

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions applicants have when they apply for cabin crew for Air Creebec are listed below:

1. Are Canadian citizens only allowed to apply at Air Creebec?

No, anyone worldwide can explore being a flight attendant of Air Creebec. You can apply for the position with a valid passport from your home country.

2. What if I have no Canadian working visa?

Air Creebec applicants from foreign countries must secure a working visa before starting their application.

3. Can I still apply at Air Creebec if I have tattoos?

Yes, as long as the tattoo is hidden under the Air Creebec uniform.

4. Can I still fail my application if I do not pass my written exam?

Unfortunately, yes. Passing the exam after the three-day training period is one of the important requirements of the application process. It evaluates the applicants learning of safety protocols, customer service, and communication.

5. Is there a weight requirement for an Air Creebec flight attendant?

None. However, your weight must be proportional to your height. The minimum height requirement for an Air Creebec flight attendant is 157.5 cm.

6. Where does Air Creebec fly?

Air Creebec is a regional carrier in Canada. It flies in and out of Quebec and Ontario.

7. Can I still apply if I am not fluent in French?

The primary language of Quebec is French. Since Air Creebec flies in this region, all flight attendants must speak, write, and understand the French language.

8. What time does the shift of a flight attendant in Air Creebec start?

There is no definite or fixed schedule for flight attendants. In some cases, flight attendants are required to report for work during unusual hours of the day, holidays, and weekends.


Applying as an Air Creebec flight attendant is an excellent opportunity to join an established airline. It offers competitive wages, employee benefits, and travel perks. This is an excellent opportunity for those looking for a career in the air travel industry and an opportunity to explore various destinations.

As a Flight Attendant for Air Creebec, you will be responsible for providing customer service to passengers before, during, and after their flights. The requirements and qualifications are as standard as with other airlines.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity for those looking for a career in the air travel industry.

Contact Information


Head Office: 18, Rue Nottaway, Waskaganish, Quebec
Telephone Number: 819 895-8355