Cabin Crew Profiles
Interviewing Existing and Former Flight Attendants Around the World.

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cabin crew profiles

It’s time for another interview, this time with a former flight attendant. Meet Anne of Denmark who had worked as a cabin crew for 11 years and has now setup her consultancy company called She left the profession because she felt her body couldn’t keep up with the shift work schedules anymore. Despite leaving [...]

emirates cabin crew hiring december 2014

Emirates is holding an Open and Assessment Day this December 2014. This airline company based in Dubai is considered as one of the best airline company in the world and they are looking for qualified candidates to fill in the position of Cabin Crews and join their dynamic team. Emirates is considered as the largest [...]

etihad airways cabin crew hiring december 2014

Eithad Airways, United Arab Emirates’ flag carrier airline, will be conducting Cabin Crew Assessments this December 2014. This UAE based airline company has been awarded as one of the best airlines in the world by Skytrax. Etihad Airways will be visiting different parts of the globe to look for the best individuals who can join [...]

qatar airways hiring december 2014

Qatar Airways is hiring qualified candidates to be a part of their growing team of Cabin Crews this December 2014. This airline company in Qatar has been flying to more than 140 destinations worldwide. This year at the annual Skytrax World Airline Awards, Qatar Airways has been awarded as the World’s Best Business Class airline. The [...]

westjet online application tips

WestJet is looking to hire a number of qualified candidates for various positions in their company. If you are looking for a great place to work, a place filled with good vibes and an awesome working environment that values teamwork, dedication and passion, then it’s time to think of WestJet Airlines. This company is an [...]

WestJet Airlines, Canada’s biggest airline, is hiring a full-time Bilingual Flight Attendant position based in Toronto this November 2014. If you are looking to work in a amazing environment while fulfilling your dream to travel the world, then think WestJet. The company continues to be the best at what they do as each of their [...]

westjet cabin crew responsibilities

WestJet is an equal opportunity employer . The company welcomes anyone to apply and take a shot at fulfilling their dreams to serve people while traveling up in the sky. This airline company in North America only wants to recruit and hire the best applicant for their Flight Attendant position. The safety and security of [...]

westjet job requirements

WestJet Airlines is one of the biggest airline company in Canada. They are known to be a low-cost carrier in North America and provides scheduled and chartered flights to more than 91 destinations in Canada, US, Europe, Mexico, Central America and the Carribean. This North American airline company is looking to fill in a number of [...]

CanJet Airlines, Canada’s newest full-service charter airline, is looking to hire Seasonal Flight Attendants this November 2014. Once successfully hired, training will start this month and on December 2014. However, since this position is intended to fill in the seasonal opening, the employment term will end not later than May 1, 2015. So if you [...]

canjet job requirements

CanJet Airlines, a division of IMP Group Limited, Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a full-service charter airline and aims to be the number one chartered airlines in Canada. With this in mind, the company has set their own standard job qualifications when searching for the right person to join their team of cabin crews. Listed below [...]