How Much Does Flight Attendant School Cost?

flight attendant school

The cost of flight attendant school can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on the program and the airline. Some airlines will reimburse employees for the cost of their training, while …

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How to Prepare for Flight Attendant Training

how to prepare for flight attendant training

Have you recently decided that you want to become a flight attendant? If so, the most important thing is how can you prepare for flight attendant training. During the training program, you will learn everything …

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How to Answer: What are Your Weaknesses?

what are your weaknesses

One of the more challenging questions that may be asked of you during a flight attendant job interview is to share what your weaknesses are. Employees in the aviation sector are expected to have a …

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How to Answer: Tell Me About Yourself

cabin crew job interview tell me about yourself

When applying for the position of cabin crew, one of the questions you may be asked is “Tell me about yourself.” This can be an interesting question to answer, because you want to make a …

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