Much has been said about the Emirates cabin crew salary and benefits to its applicants. Just like Qatar Airways, their website is clear in sharing the package of being a flight attendant of Emirates Airlines (EK). To see a list of the Qatar Airlines flight crew package, please read here: Qatar Cabin Crew Benefits Work [...]

Sigh.I contacted the SASS Atlantic agency because of a comment on the Emirates Open Day recruitment web page saying “Remarks: Preliminary Selections will be done in conjunction with our appointed agency Sass Atlantic.Emirates Open Day in Hong KongThere will be an Open Day in Hong Kong this June 11, 2011 and I was already excited [...]

What makes an air cabin crew salary so high? Definitely because this job has a great deal of risk involved. You are always traveling and most of the time, you are in the sky. There are more possibilities of danger in this line of work because of accidents that might happen while you are working [...]

My world stopped for second when I found a note on their website for an Emirates Open Day in Hong Kong on June 11, 2011. I was thinking about their job opportunity to become a flight attendant as this is the nearest place I can head to chase my dream of being a cabin crew [...]

I had a conversation with my employer about cabin crew vacancies and why I’ve always wanted to be in the airline industry as a Qatar flight steward or Etihad cabin crew.I told him that ever since I started traveling around the country during my days off and during my vacation leaves, I have gotten another [...]

Airport Flights Just like any industry that is always busy, the air cabin crew recruitment is always ongoing. So many flight attendant applicants are looking for jobs in the airline business. Qatar cabin crews and Emirates air stewardess jobs and being offered every now and then in every country; more so now that there are more [...]

I have always wanted a Cabin Crew career because it has been my dream to travel the world. I have been bitten by the travel bug and it seems like I can’t wait to set foot on different countries just to see what the world has to offer. Even if I work my way up [...]

Cabin Crew Rumors in PPruNe ForumsPPruNe or Professional Pilots Rumor Network is a forum-based website which is known to discuss a number of topics pertaining to the airline industry and the INs and OUTs when you apply as a Cabin Crew member in Qatar.This website focuses on a variety of subjects but they all are [...]

Flight Attendant Ever wanted to get paid in order to travel as a Qatar Cabin Crew? That dream has always stayed with me for as long as I can remember. Wouldn’t it be nice to travel the world while you also get paid in the process? What’s great is that is that you also get [...]

Qatar Airways is considered to be one of the fastest growing airline companies in the world as they fly to over 90 destinations across 6 continents.over 90 leisure and business destinations across six different continents.If you are searching for a vacation to Africa or a European adventure to Paris, the Qatar Airways airlines offer smooth [...]

What are Qatar Cabin Crew Open Days? These are dates wherein Qatar Airways lists their postings on different recruitment campaigns for people who want to apply as cabin crews in Qatar.These are important information that are listed on the Qatar Airways website. Basically, you can just walk in the hotels that are designated for these [...]

A number of people have been looking for jobs abroad, most especially in the United Arab Emirates. A lot of aspirants want to Apply for Qatar Cabin Crew Jobs because of the many benefits of landing a career in the airline industry. I definitely want to apply for a job as a cabin crew; whether [...]