Each one of us definitely has our own pet peeves or something that we don’t like – and that’s perfectly normal. There are habits that others enjoy, but there are some who don’t. Some of the things you probably don’t like are when a person brought in their shoes inside the house, purposely refused to [...]

A cabin crew flies for at least eight to ten hours a day, depending on their work schedules, and fear of flying is something that you just can’t let interfere with your performance at work, right? Have you ever seen a cabin crew who’s sitting beside a passenger because he/she is afraid? We bet no, [...]

Hong Kong Airlines believe that safety should always come first, which is why they are committed to providing ample training and development to the cabin crews that they hire. The company also promotes cooperation and willingness among each and everyone to be able to work with unity to ensure that the passengers will be able [...]

Have you ever tried to ask for something free from the airlines or the cabin crews? For sure, you probably know a friend or two who asked for a free upgrade during their flight. There are some who were lucky enough to have their requests granted, but there are also a few who needs to [...]

Qantas Airways is one of the best airlines in the world. The company surely knows how to respect diversity and encourage their organization to work as one despite their differences – which leads to a harmonious relationship between each and every employee. In Qantas, the employees don’t give much relevance to competition among them as [...]

In our previous post, we have mentioned that Lufthansa Airlines is hiring thousands of new employees for their group. If you’re currently looking for a job, it is an awesome chance for you to grab the opportunity right away because Lufthansa is one good company to work for. Although their open day has already passed, [...]


Ever wondered what are the questions that usually come up during a flight attendant interview? Well this ebook is packed with helpful questions and the most suitable answers that airline companies in the Middle East are looking for. Whether you are applying for Emirates, Qatar Airways, or Etihad Airways, it’s important that you are aware [...]

A cabin crew needs to be ready at all times to fly to different parts of the world. Once you’re hired as a flight attendant, you can go home and pack what you’ll need to bring the moment they inform you which flight you will be assigned. Furthermore, given that you will have a hectic [...]

The moment you click the send button for your application, there’s this feeling of worry whether the airlines would see it or not given the fact that most airlines receive hundreds of thousands application for every job ad that they post and the probability of your application being seen might be slimmer than you think. [...]

Lufthansa Airlines is one of the best companies in the industry. A lot of employees loved working for the aviation group because the airline is not only focused on providing good customer service to the passengers but also takes good care of its employees. Even when the company faces a particular challenge, they make sure to [...]

Everyone knows that not everyone can become a cabin crew, given the fact that the job is more than just serving drinks and flying to different countries every day. Airlines always make it a point to hire candidates who are physically fit, have a good health, and possess interpersonal skills. It’s not a form of [...]

Passengers have a lot of common misconceptions about cabin crews. They mostly assume that a flight attendant can give them anything they would ask for simply because crews are dedicated to giving them a comfortable stay during the whole flight. What most people don’t know is that tending to passengers’ requests is only a small [...]