Must-Have Requirements for Aspiring Flight Attendants

Becoming a flight attendant is an important responsibility. They are tasked to ensure the comfort of the airplane’s passengers, check on their security, and continuously maintain a calm composure. Even with all of this, it is still a job that is commonly sought for. This is because it allows one to be able to continually travel, meet new people, and earn good money for it.

Being a flight attendant, however, comes with must-have requirements that one must have. These may change for each country, as factors like height and gender may be viewed differently.

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Vital Requirements for Future Flight Attendants

Essential requirements for all aspiring flight attendants.

1. Physical condition

A flight attendant is expected to reach luggage, serve food trays from afar, and generally be able to have an extensive reach. This is why almost all airlines require a minimum height for employees to meet. Typically, the height limit for female employees starts at 5’4. The height limit for males starts at 5’8.

Aside from this, a flight attendant must also know how to swim. This is for them to be able to deal with emergencies the result of unexpected landings in bodies of water.

The Body Mass of Index of employees is also reviewed. Their height and weight must be proportional for them to be considered fit for service. They should also be appropriately groomed, consistently maintain hygiene, and have a high standard for appearance. Some airlines may require employees to have no tattoos visible while wearing their uniforms.

2. Educational requirement

The educational requirement for flight attendants is not that strict. A high school diploma is considered the minimum for the job. However, they will favor those having degrees that are related to dealing with customers and creating excellent communication with them. Examples of this include a degree in Psychology, Communications, and Education. Some schools may also offer flight attendant training that may give some competitive edge for those who will take it.

Once accepted, the employee will then be trained to learn different skills concerning the job. This includes CPR, emergency management, aviation, rescue techniques, and the likes.

3. Minimum age

The minimum age expected from a flight attendant is at least 18 years. Some airlines may increase this limit up to 21 but never more than that. This must be your current age at the time of application to be considered.
The reason for the requirement of a minimum age is to ensure that the attendant will be mature and knowledgeable enough to handle emergencies that may occur during work hours. Interpersonal and communication skills must is required to treat people of different ages and culture.

4. Good personality and communication skills

Working as a flight attendant exposes you to different types of people. This is why you must develop a distinctive personality to build a good relationship with your customers. You must also be able to voice important messages and precautionary measures through excellent communication skills.

If you have met all the requirements mentioned above, then applying & becoming a flight attendant would be easy, and can help you avoid facing problems.